Thank you for visiting our website. Here we outline our revised planning application (reference 21/3936/FUL) submitted in July 2021 for a ready-mixed concrete plant at Cricklewood Rail Freight Facility (RFF) off Edgware Road. This is an update to our original planning application (reference 20/4817/FUL) and follows further public consultation and several adjustments to ease concerns raised.

The original application had a ‘recommendation for approval’ from planning officers because of its alignment with Barnet, London and national policies including those that support the use of rail for freight (to reduce road miles and carbon emissions). This is also reflected in the land use classification at Cricklewood RFF, one of just a handful of rail sidings in London with the capacity to handle freight activity without unacceptable impact. Locating a concrete plant at the rail sidings is a good way to minimise vehicle movements and road miles.

Our original application was refused by the Barnet planning committee in February 2021, prompting us to look again at our proposal. This has led to our revised application which seeks to address the reasons for the refusal of the original application. These include alterations to site layout and plant height as well as an independent heritage appraisal of the local area. Our website has been updated to reflect the changes made to our new planning application.

The site already has planning consent for use as a rail-fed aggregates depot.

No more lorry movements are proposed than those already permitted.
The proposed ‘rail-fed’ concrete plant would replace an old ‘road-fed’ plant.

Each train replaces 75 to 85 lorries depending on train length.

There would be fewer overall lorry movements in the area than today.

Rail generates 76% less carbon and 90% lower particulates than the equivalent lorry journeys.
Locally-made ready-mixed concrete is vital for local housing and regeneration.
Space for ‘loose’ piles of materials would be reduced to make way for the concrete plant.
All existing environmental controls would be strictly adhered to.

Capital Concrete is one of London’s premier suppliers to housing, regeneration and infrastructure construction projects and a pioneer of low-carbon and cement-free concrete. The company currently operates an established readymix plant on nearby Brent Terrace which has been supplying the local market for many years. The existing plant, which became part of the Capital Concrete network in 2019 as part of a wider merger, is subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order as part of the Brent Cross Cricklewood redevelopment. It is expected to cease operation within the next 12 months and in order to continue supplying the local market, we need to secure a new location now. Although the options are limited, the proposed location at Cricklewood RFF is well-suited because it is rail-linked and would help to remove thousands of lorry movements from local roads.

Public consultation

Our original planning application was submitted following detailed environmental assessments and local public consultation over the summer of 2020. This was adapted in accordance with Government guidance relating to the pandemic. Besides this website and direct liaison with local representatives and neighbourhood groups, we conducted a door-to-door maildrop to 700 addresses around the site. We also held a number of online video consultation sessions and socially distanced site visits to one of our other concrete plants.

The comments we received led to significant changes to our original concept. This included redesigning the plant to reduce the height and improve what can be seen of the site from external viewpoints. Following rejection of our original planning application we looked again the design and our new planning application seeks to further address concerns of local residents and respond to the reasons for refusal of the original application.

During our public consultation there was uncertainty about how Cricklewood RFF would be screened – visually and acoustically – at the southern end of the site after part of the ‘ecobarrier’ collapsed. Following significant local consultation an application for a suitable replacement ivy-screened acoustic barrier has been submitted by site operator DB Cargo. We anticipate that the new rail freight site screening will be agreed before our application for a concrete plant is determined by Barnet planning committee.

Throughout the process we continue to welcome questions and comments so please do get in contact us by email.